Friday, December 3, 2010

from IT to Blog

It’s time. Might you ever reach that turning point where you have to do something about IT? My “IT”-small at first, a passing thought, growing moment by breathing moment, until “IT” became a massive, bubbling bother that burst into nothing other than this: one of many, many (drum roll, please)…food blogs!

Okay, okay, let’s dig deep into the true origin of my “IT”.  The sprouts took root in every imaginative food blog before “ITS” time! The delights on Cake Spy; the incredible whit of the Choosy Beggars; the almighty presence of 101 Cookbooks or The Pioneer Women; my favorite knowledge seeking, smart-talkers Kate Geagan and Marion Nestle, and the forget-me-not cohesive endeavors of the Food Network's Healthy Eats and Civil Eats bloggers.  And I MUST pledge my allegance to Bee Haven Maven—the turkey controversy being one of many favorites! Oh, my loves…

Showing up these efforts would be a formidable task, similar to climbing snow-capped mountain peaks with nothing to snug my feet in.  So, instead, I’ll join ‘em and trek in their blogger shoes!

The way I see it, all my time that I would spend on musings my mental propensities or low-and-behold hunting for j-o-b-s, can and should, be channeled into the growings, pickings, makings, picturing, and writing of good-eats and consuming them thereafter.

Put simply: Each season brings bountiful chow-blessings, and now, you should pleasure in these harvested goodies too!

But really, how is this food blog unique?

The starring delectables stem from my backyard(s). “Wait…” you might hesitate. This topic dots every gardener’s, farmer’s, and locavore’s blog, or even the restaurant website Bell Book and Candle.  But here, my challenge is to customize my foods to my local circumstances. This gets a little tricky when my circumstance changes….constantly,  as I’ve been an east coast traveler for the past 2 months. I ride on a sort of backyard bliss, crossing paths with all kinds of rooftop, windowsill, city-bank and widespread country spaces budding with produce and life (even at a Virginia rest station where fruits of spit watermelon seeds took root). Though all varied in time and location, these gardens have one thing in common, I’ve shoveled their provisions from the ground into my gullet.

So saddle up your taste buds, and travel with me. Come play in my ever-changing backyard!

Here's a taste of what's to come!

Peek at my family's organic garden: Bee Haven Acres....

Take a gander at those who encouraged me on my inner-city nutrition education adventures.

Gawk at the treasures of city streets that paved my way!

 Stop staring at her like that! Pretty? Yes. But, she's my friend, an innocent bystander!



My brother and his girlfriend got in the way of CHARLOTTE, NC.

I must confess, I invited them to do so. You do the same!! Be a part of my travels, my food, my BLOG!

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